The Naonext adventure began in 2012 when three electronics and digital arts enthusiasts laid down a permanent challenge: provide artists with innovative solutions for their interactive artistic creations and stage performances.
Along with the Crystall Ball, Benjamin, Charles and Thomas combine their technical knowledge, sensitivity and enthusiasm to design customized projects in their Custom Shop.


" What motivates us? Working closely with artists! "

Benjamin Fournier

Benjamin has always been fascinated by electronics and computer-aided music. As a student at ESRA (University of Audiovisual Arts) in Rennes (France), he wrote a paper on the problems of man-machine interaction in the stage performance arts, and at the same time created the IRB Ball (Infra Red Ben Ball), which a few years later was to result in the Crystall Ball.

Charles Vo-Khac-Minh

Charles met Benjamin while also studying at ESRA. A seasoned, multi-instrumentalist, he has won several first prizes for piano; he has also contributed to the sound mixing on several albums and been the sound engineer for several concerts.

Thomas Laurenson

Thomas met Benjamin and Charles when he was playing at a concert for which they were the sound engineers. It was also during that concert that he encountered the first prototype of the Crystall Ball. An onboard IT engineer and guitarist, Naonext enables him to combine his passion for technology and art.