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Crystall Ball:
electronics serving creation.

Designed to create and control sound, light and video, Crystall Ball gives all your computer-aided creative work a new dimension. More than a controller, it is an intuitive, interactive and infinitely customisable tool.
In a studio or live, let your senses speak and give free rein to your stage performance!

Innovative controller

More than a controller, a real instrument:
an interface based on movement, the Crystall Ball allows for intuitive control of MIDI synthesizers and computer-aided creation software.

Sensor / keypad

In addition to the usual functions of a keypad, each key on the Crystall Ball keypad can be used to control five optical sensors to provide simultaneous control of numerous effects, notes and samples. The potential interplay is multiplied accordingly allowing you greater creative freedom.


To each, their style! Express yours! A technological wizard to assist video and sound creation, the Crystall Ball is infinitely adaptable and configurable. Simple to use and quick to master, it allows your movements to follow your creative instinct in a unique interactive sensory experience.

Take the visual interaction plunge

Because it relies on the movement of your hands and body, Crystall Ball reinvents the relationship between you, the artist, the technological interface and the audience. Calling for greater interactivity, it uses your gestures to follow your sound and video effects. Stop hiding! Get out there and share your live act, loud and clear!


Watch the Crystall Ball in action in this tutorial video.

Infinitely adaptable and configurable

With its 24 banks and 5 quick presets and limited only by your imagination, the Crystall Ball provides a palette of infinite controls to assist your creation and inspire your personal artistic style.

Memorise the position of your hands

With its "Mem" function, Crystall Ball memorises the position of your hands. The sound, sample and effect remain active while your mind and your hands continue to compose, thereby multiplying the possibilities for interplay.

Mixed sound-video use

As a MIDI controller, the Crystall Ball is compatible with all leading video and sound creation software: Ableton Live, Reason, ArKaos, Modul8, etc. Its jack port also allows for the addition of a footswitch and external sensors to enable even greater freedom of expression.




Some OS X users have reported receiving an error while trying to install the Editor and Ableton script. This is an OS X GateKeeper error message.

  • 1. Open System Preferences: Security and Privacy: General
  • 2. Unlock the lock to make changes
  • 3. Select "Anywhere" from "Allow applications downloaded from"
  • 4. Now install the Editor and/or the Live script
  • 6. Open System Preferences: Security and Privacy: General
  • 7. Unlock the lock to make changes
  • 8. Change the setting back to "Mac App Store and Identified developers"


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